Waste Water Management Solution
Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plant



  • KRATOS-DraynZap is a process technology for waste water treatment, whereby using an electric field, contaminants and impurities in industrial and domestic effluents are removed.
  • KRATOS-DraynZap employs“Electro-Oxy-Coagulation”,a proprietary process which represents a major advancement in wastewater treatment whereby an electric field is deployed to remove contaminants and impurities in industrial and domestic effluentsthereby effectively treating complex waste streams economically and on-site.


Electro-Oxy-Coagulation (EOC) …

  • Electro-Oxy-Coagulation (EOC) … the passing of electric current through water, has proven very effective in the removal of pollutants from waterby precipitation and flotation in-situ.
  • Our Electro-Chemical Ozone Reactor is the core of ourproprietary Electro-Oxy-Coagulation (EOC) processwhich can be either a continuous flow or batch process designed to treat sewage water and industrial effluents.
  • EOC has the ability to remove contaminants such as emulsified oil, total petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy metals that are generally more difficult to remove by filtration or chemical treatment systems.
  • EOC has become one of the most affordable and proficient water treatment processes around the world, made possible by miniaturization of the requisite power supplies and enhancing their efficiency.
  • EOC drastically reduces the use of chemical reagents. Thus, apart from reducing operational costs, the process also does away with the extra safeguards required for storing and handling these reagents.

KRATOS-DraynZap …process technology …

… accepts a wider range of wastewater variants with varied pH levels

… is less complicated and capable of self-monitoring

…thus, extensive manual interface is eliminated



KRATOS-DraynZap …

… is a water treatment process whereby an electric field is applied across plates to remove various contaminants from water.

… current is applied to the electrolytic cell plates causing trace amounts of the plate material to be dissolved into the water. The action is similar to adding separation chemicals (polymers) to a chemical treatment system but much less expensive.


  • Chemical Free, Non-Biological
  • Non-selective process on a wide variety of contaminants
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Custom Designed based on the Volume of waste water
  • Start Stop at users own will, user friendly requiring no specialized skills
  • Small Foot Print, Easily Expandable and Skid/Container Mounted Modular in Construction
  • Can be Retrofitted in the existing facility
  • Save Biological reactants, Chemicals and Energy
  • Low Capital , Operating & Maintenance Costs
  • Simple & Easy to operate and maintain
  • Sludge production can be 50-80% LESS voluminous compared to chemical processes
  • Colour Removal up to 95%
  • BOD Removal up to 85%
  • COD Removal up to 80%

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